Employee Stole My Credit Card Information

Columbus, Ohio 1 comment

I live in southern Ohio and have been a long time customer of recently bought two wigs and they didn't have one, so after a week of processing, I get an email stating they are sending me a refund.

Today I check my account to find nearly $500 of charges I didn't make. One from a senior dating site, and another from ticketmaster in Illinois. Since I haven't used my card since I purchased the wigs, they are the only people who had access to the information, and guess where the company is located.....Illinois. They mention on their site that our credit card information is encrypted and third party companies don't have access to it, and they don't save information is total ***.

If they didn't save the information how in the world would they be able to send me a refund without me giving them my card information again.

Don't get scammed, please do not buy from that company.I never will again.

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New York, New York, United States #846102

I purchased two wigs from this company using two different cc.the first time my cc company contacted me due to fraud charges on my account.

I did not think to connect it to Hair sisters even though they wre the last vendor i made a purchase with. 2 weeks later i get another email from another of my CC companies advising thatI call to verify charges. they asked me about Hair sister and ifI had made a recent purchase I told them no. they told me that this company HAIRSISTERS.COM is know for placing fraudulent charges..

Please beware when using your CC w/ this company .Luckily I am informed of suspicious activity through the CC companies i have.

Hairsisters - Worst wig ever

I have ordered from HairSisters for years and always received quality wigs. This recent wig was dull and cheap looking. It's like a short wig with two very thin tracks of long hair over them. There was a separation of the hair in the back with nothing in the middle and hair sticking out to the sides and hair shedding everywhere. I will never purchase from them again. Very disappointed.

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